Tim Ryan

Digital strategy, email marketing, social media branding, message development


Rep. Ryan enjoyed national popularity coming off the heels of his 2020 presidential run. Our challenge was to reinvigorate his supporter base and email subscriber list which had been put on the backburner in the period after his presidential run. Large portions of the list were inactive and in need of activation, due to a pause in digital efforts, leading to subscribers who had turned cold as well as deliverability issues. Rep. Ryan’s team needed a growth and reengagement strategy. He came to the right place.


Digital Audit

We got to work by writing and sending emails to a narrow, targeted audience and through careful stewardship were able to improve open rates significantly, from consistently single-digit open rates to consistently double-digit open rates. Our team also initiated a data centralization project where we tagged and categorized subscribers based on unorganized data. After this data clean up, we were able to more closely target subscribers’ principal areas of interest and were able to augment our efforts to reengage inactive segments of Rep. Ryan’s email list.

Our approach rested on re-engaging a large slice of the email list that was inactive – resulting in significant deliverability issues.

Our strategy was one set on long-term success, meaning instead of bombarding subscribers with fundraising asks embodying alarmist tones, we took a balanced and targeted approach to build goodwill and repair a damaged send reputation. 

Engagement Strategy

An analytics review of Rep. Ryan’s social media revealed that he had a small, but consistent social media presence. Especially in Ohio. A+G used this foundation to build out a national Facebook and Twitter presence by using social intelligence tools to track what issue areas, news sources, and types of petitions drove the highest levels of engagement among followers including a breakdown by age and gender. Throughout our engagement, we provided monthly analytics reports detailing online engagement and progress on audience development in order to make strategic recommendations for messaging across different platforms and audiences.

This data-driven strategy helped facilitate the fine-tuning of Rep. Ryan’s message for the diverse coalition that makes up his supporter base. During his campaign’s engagement with A+G, Rep. Ryan’s post impressions have grown by over 90% and his organic follower count continues to grow. 

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