Digital Strategy for Startups

Go-to-market strategy, market research, Digital Advertisement


The client approached A+G ahead of the exciting launch of their unique one-to-one sales product that enabled retailers and boutiques to sell directly to consumers. At the outset of our engagement, our client was completing its beta testing phase with promising results. Their initial goal was to acquire 1,000 paying monthly customers. Through strategic brand development, and a multi-channel paid media program, we would need to funnel at least 10,000 viable leads a month while assuming a 10% conversion rate. Our client was a new, emerging startup that was budget conscious and eager to see a return on their investment in a short period of time. 


Our approach had to be nuanced and included reaching a niche audience of independent artisan retailers while maximizing every dollar of a 10k monthly digital advertising budget. To see the desired results, we needed to run a comprehensive digital ads campaign that reached tens of thousands of retailers across Europe. 


Our initial goal was to define and position the brand as a one-stop-shop solution for creatives, retailers, and young entrepreneurs that were seeking a digital tool that was easy-to-use and didn’t break the bank. Our recommended strategy rested on this initial approach and included plans for campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. We devised a remarketing campaign for people who landed on any of our clients online properties, using pixels we installed on their site to track consumer journeys and meet them wherever they were online. 


A+G also devised an influencer marketing plan that would mimic a word of mouth growth experience. We worked with our client to start identifying influencers in the artisan and independent designer space who would be effective in  promoting the service. Our client agreed to offer them a free trial of the service in exchange for authentic endorsements that were molded by the brand development work we had done. It was a win-win, and at the end of our engagement the firm continued moving forward with our influencer strategy long-term. 

In conclusion, our client went from an emerging startup without any name recognition to hitting their client goals within the span of a few months, while staying true to their values and their newly developed brand.  

We support startups that are value-driven. Because of our contract, we cannot disclose the name of our client, a Europe-based SaaS company that targets retailers.   

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