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Our client, National Iranian American Council (NIAC) is a prominent nonprofit advocacy organization, focused on building political power for Iranian Americans.

Although NIAC had been operating in the nonprofit advocacy space for over 17 years, they had a limited digital marketing strategy. We helped them reimagine their marketing strategy, invest in their online channels, and guided them through a rebranding process which included the development of a new website.


From our conversation with NIAC, we quickly assessed organizational needs and identified their two top priorities: 

  • Leveraging power to support endorsed candidates in 2018 Midterms
  • Keeping the administration accountable on the Muslim Ban & Iran Deal

We understood the complexity of this engagement and designed a full-circle digital communications plan across multiple verticals for NIAC that included:

A comprehensive audit of the NIAC’s email program, and realigning of online messaging to maximize impact and to further audience development.

Our in-house Creative team concepted, scripted, and produced quality video shorts that were used across online channels: organic, email, and paid. Social intelligence research has proven that video is the most compelling type of content with consistently high levels of engagement. This higher level of engagement translates to a higher average amount of time spent on a platform. Video posts (and increasingly video series) are thereby rewarded by social platform algorithms that place them higher on users’ news feeds and serve a higher amount of overall impressions than non-video assets. 

By using first-party user data and in-platform geo-targeting on Twitter, we targeted reporters along with their networks. This was particularly effective when attempting to get NIAC’s perspective included in a breaking news event or highlighting NIAC’s approach around core policy issues.

In order to maximize NIAC’s non-profit Google Ads grant, we wrote ad copy and designed a media plan for a lead generation campaign built around the issues NIAC values most. Our search ads capitalized on all facets of optimization from a high landing page relevance scores to the use of expanded site links to strategic capitalization in copy to enhance the probability of winning impressions. By driving user traffic to dynamically responsive landing pages via fully optimized search ads, we educated users on NIAC’s mission and captured their contact information. 

Ultimately we were able to increase online audience engagement by 71%, while also doubling their email list size throughout a year of sustainable paid media acquisition efforts.  

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