Bill Pascrell​

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Congressman Bill Pascrell has been fighting for New Jerseyans for over 23 years. Throughout his time in Congress, Rep. Pascrell has solidified his reputation as New Jersey’s Progressive Fighter, building a strong political backing as well as in-district support. He continues to fight for health care and climate legislation, like the Green New Deal. In Congress, Rep. Pascrell has established himself as the foil to the Trump administration by holding Trump and his appointees accountable.



A+G Digital joined Team Pascrell to help the campaign build a digital program from the ground up, allowing the campaign to communicate Rep. Pascrell’s accomplishments more visibly with voters as well as develop an online fundraising program. We got to work on two challenges. First, we needed to grow and nurture Rep. Pascrell’s online audience in order to communicate with voters and increase fundraising potential. Second, we wanted to modernize the campaign’s online look and branding.



A+G Digital began by completing a detailed audit of Rep. Pascrell’s existing digital infrastructure, branding position, and email subscriber list. We devised and implemented an acquisition strategy to build up Rep. Pascrell’s email program. The existing email list was very small and the active universe was even smaller, so we needed to be very deliberate in our acquisition strategy. We ran a successful paid media campaign where we acquired new email addresses in target regions at a cost-per-lead of less than $1. At a highly competitive cost per lead, we were able to grow Rep. Pascrell’s email list 931% within the first three months of our engagement.

We also added thousands of emails at a time via list swaps and joint actions with friendly campaigns and endorsing organizations without impacting deliverability. We accomplished this by slowly integrating new names to the list and developing an onboarding series based on top-performing emails and the topic of ads delivered to new subscribers.


Next, we set out to modernize and simplify the campaign’s branding. We wanted the new branding to communicate Rep. Pascrell’s reputation as New Jersey’s progressive fighter. He needed an online profile that was compatible with the investment the campaign was making in growing his online channels. It was important that the online look re-energized the supporter base he amassed, while engaging a new generation of politically active Democrats in New Jersey’s 9th Congressional District.

Our in-house Creative team produced over three dozen logo versions during Rep. Pascrell’s digital brand revamp. Our goal was to simplify and modernize the logo.

Original logo:

Modernized logo:

For Rep. Pascrell, less is more, but that does not mean our design would not be distinct and elegant. The resulting color palette was a series of blue hues that is both simple and modern:

We also created variations of the logo to correspond with key milestones and holidays, including Pride and the Fourth of July. These variations allowed for versatility with Rep. Pascrell’s online brand:

This case study was formulated based on work completed in 2020. A+G continues to work with Congressman Pascrell and supports their team with email, creative development, paid media, and social media management.

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