Six Trends in Digital Heading into 2022

While 2020 was always going to be a cycle with deep-rooted shifts in how campaigns approach digital and their online channels, nobody could have predicted the vast scale of the change as campaigns endured and experienced while campaigning during a global pandemic.

This past election cycle, campaigns broke digital fundraising and outreach records and set precedents that will live on post-pandemic. The years ahead will see this trend go into overdrive. The overwhelming consensus is that campaigns will devote more and more of their budget and resources toward investing in their digital programs via email, social, and paid media.

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To understand where digital is heading in 2022, A+G Digital interviewed campaign operatives, digital strategists, and agency partners from across the Democratic field. We’d like to thank all of those who contributed to this report by providing their insight to our team. Many of those we spoke to asked to remain anonymous to be able to offer their insights more candidly or because they were not authorized to speak publicly about clients. Others are named in the report.

We’d also like to recognize all of the A+G team members who contributed to this report. Substantive contributors included Emma Hollar, Anatolia Hodson, Jordan Johnson, Amir Salehzadeh, and Giovanni Hashimoto.

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