Congressman Bill Pascrell


Our client is an incumbent with strong backing and in-district support. However, the campaign lacked a digital program to connect with supporters and communicate its core messages and Rep. Pascrell’s progressive record of accomplishments to voters. The campaign was in need of a revamped, modern look and feel to be more effective against a self-funding primary challenger. In order to solidify Rep. Pascrell’s ability to continue representing the 9th Congressional District as New Jersey’s Progressive Fighter, we needed to be targeted, disciplined, and organized.


List Reactivation

A+G spent time doing a detailed audit of Rep. Pascrell’s existing digital infrastructure, branding position, and email subscriber list. We devised and implemented a strategy to rehabilitate and repair his email marketing program by segmenting emails based on user behavior: open rates over time and click-through rates, and by ensuring our program made the best use of SPF and DKIM as email authentication tools. We gradually expanded email audiences so as to not damage deliverability while engaging relevant inactive segments by re-upping and resending successful emails to spur activity and engagement. 

Through a concerted effort, we were able to see a strong improvement in deliverability and domain reputation month-over-month. Meanwhile, we we are able to add thousands of emails at a time via joint actions with friendly campaigns and endorsing organizations without impacting the reputation we have built with the Rep. Pascrell’s domain and the consistently high level of deliverability.

After stabilizing deliverability and improving Rep. Pascrell’s domain reputation, we wanted to build upon his email subscriber list and increase the number of active supporters on the list. A+G ran a targeted acquisition campaign on Facebook using first-party voter data complemented by Facebook’s in-platform targeting data. The results speak for themselves. At an extremely competitive cost per lead, we were able to grow Rep. Pascrell’s email list 931% within the first three months of our engagement. 


Next, we wanted to rebrand and modernize Rep. Pascrell’s branding. 

Our challenge was to modernize the campaign’s branding guidelines in a manner that was authentic and consistent with his reputation of being New Jersey’s progressive fighter who has served in Congress for 23 years. It was important to us that Rep. Pascrell’s message re-energized his historic base and engaged a new generation of politically active Democrats in New Jersey.

A+G’s in-house Creative team produced over three dozen logo variations during the revamp of Rep. Pascrell’s digital brand. Our goal was to modernize the look in a clean way with minimal changes from the prior logo to maintain continuity. Our client had an established brand and public persona. In the end, we kept the general format of the old logo while updating the font and modernizing the color palette into a series of blue hues. 

Old logo:

Modernized logo:

For Rep. Pascrell, less is more, but that does not mean our design would not be distinct and elegant. The resulting color palette was simple but effective: 

We also created variations of the logo to correspond with key milestones and holidays, including Pride and the Fourth of July. These variations facilitate our ability to be seamlessly versatile and effectively align with the modernity of Rep. Pascrell’s brand.